Quests de Headgear / Gorros

Estos son los Headgear que puedes conseguir a través de quest. Haz click en el gorro para ver los ingredientes necesarios y cómo realizarlo.

Headgears por quest
Alarm mask
Angel Wing Ears
Anonymity Request / Censor Bar
Angry Solo Hat [1]
Baby Pacifier
Bao Bao
Black Cat Ears
Blue Fish
Blue Hairband
Boy's Cap
Bride Mask
Bulb Hairband
Bunny Band
Cake Hat
Chef Hat
Cowboy Hat
Crescent Hairpin
Cross Hat
Crown of Ancient Queen
Crown of Mistress
Crunch Toast
Decorative Golden Bell
Decorative Mushroom
Deviruchi Hat
Doctor Band
Drooping Cat
Ear Muffs
Ear Muffs Hat [1] / Chullos
Evil Wing Ears
Fairy Flower [1]
Fashionable Glasses
Feather Beret
Feather Bonnet
Flower Hairpin
Fox Mask / Kitsune Mask
Frog Hat
Fur Hat / Beanie
Giant Band Aid
Grief for Greed / Money Loser's Grief
Hahoe Mask
Hair Brush
Hat of the Sun God / Solar God Helm
Heart Hairpin
Helm of Angel / Angel Helm
Hot-Blooded Headband / Burning Bandana
Indian Headband
Indifferent Solo Hat [1]
Lazy Smokie
Mage Hat
Magician Hat
Magistrate Hat / Judge Hat
Miner Helmet / Mine Hat
Model Training Hat
Mr. Smile
Mythical Lion Mask / Lion Masquerade
Mystic Rose
Necktie [1]
Opera Phantom Mask
Opera Masque
Orc Hero Helm / Helmet of Orc Hero
Oxygen Mask
Parcel Hat
Party Hat
Ph. D Hat
Pretend Murdered
Racoon Hat / Smokie Hat
Rainbow Eggshell
Red Bonnet
Red Ribbon / Back Ribbon
Renown Detective's Hat
Sakkat Hat
Sea-Otter Hat
Smokie Leaf
Spore Hat
Statue of Baby Angel [1]
Straw Hat
Stop Post
Stripped Hairband
Sunday Hat
Teddybear Hat
Tulip Hairpin
Valkyrie Helm
Welding Mask
Winter Hat
Wonder Nutshell
X Hairpin
Zherlthsh Mask / Zealotus Mask