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Ragnarok Online: Rune Nifelheim

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iRO: Mantenimiento 13/05/2015

New Groove Pack for 150kp! What kind of consumable items would you like to see? Going to pop in some equipment and costumes from pRO in the pack.

One more week of the current spotlight (need to extend it a week)

We're going to try reducing the amount of EXP homunculi need to level up by 25%! We're adjusting the exp tables so hopefully this will work.

[Chaos]Janeway returns for one more week so you can turn in your completed kill quests.

RWC Boxes leave the Kafra Shop.

Kitcoin enchanting NPC returns

Sheila Boxter will be assisting with Prontera Costume Pack headgears

Clock ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 01/05/2015

Good news everyone! Ragnarok Online is back online! Here are the notes for what changed this week:
Green ale effects return to non-event strength
[Chaos] Jumping Janeway event is in for one more week
MRS Hammer leaves next week
Prontera Costume Pack returns on Chaos and Thor
Spooky machine event: Talk to the spooky machine every 24 hours to get a random reward!
Gramps TI:
Low: pasana rybio
Mid: aliot/alicel
High:antler scaraba / ancient_tree
Eden Group 1-10 board will recognize the new and old Eden Grouup marks
Green and Yellow Lichterns no longer drop the incorrect card.
[Thor]Adding ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 22/04/2015

This week, we're at the final stretch of preparing Thor server for launch extremely soon! For this week it means that while we are going to be having a regular maintenance this week, it's going to be very light on things changed.

Spotlight change from Juno to Port Malaya

New Turn ins
Low: Bathory/Deviruchi
Mid: Ancient Mimic/Abyssmal Knight
High: Egnigem Cenia/Imp

With the pRO migration/Thor launch preparations we are ready to roll out with a few more of the missing monster cards. Starting this maintenance the cards will be dropping from their respective monsters around Rune Midgard. ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 16/04/2015

This week's maintenance is over! Here are the changelogs for the week:
Light maintenance on Classic this week. The Renewal update this week and Thor server planning is occupying the majority of the production team's time but as soon as those are complete I will make the push to get progress going on our Classic projects.
St. Patrick's Quest ends, green ales will be at full strength until the 29th.
The event for redeeming green ales is a +50% monster exp bonus and +50% VIP drops bonus for the next two weeks!
Zodiac Crown and Diadem pack goes on sale!
One more week of the Juno Spotlight Event. Next week the spotlight ...
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