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iRO: Mantenimiento 16/07/2014

Renewal Patch Notes

King poring event returns! In from July 16-August 6

Kiel and Aliot drooping headgears will be properly unbound.

Turn ins:
low - Pasana / Elder
mid - Loli Ruri / Draco
high - Angra Mantis / Pom Spider

Following Items have been Added To Boxter

Costume Drooping Kitty
While Drooping Eddga
Hexagon Spectacles
Arch Angel's Wing
Black Shiba Inu Hat
Sky Crown and World of Tomorrow
Fidelity Necklace

jRO Costume headgears give a 20% exp bonus on ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 09/07/2014

This week's maintenance will be starting in just a few minutes. Here are the notes for this week:
Exp boost returns to normal
Anniversary quest extended for one more week and enhanced. Monsters will be less dangerous and the headgear will have an upgrade option that removes the chance to break.
Granny boxter will be taking items from the Groove Pack
Prepping for pvp tournament
Next Bounty board will be erected in Splendide for testing!
Granny Boxter updated to take items from this week's Groove Pack
Drops and exp return to normal
Lyrica map will be made to be equip-able by Maestros
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iRO: Mantenimiento 03/07/2014

Our weekly scheduled maintenance is beginning now, we will return at 1pm PDT! Here are the changelogs for this week:
Good news! We will be extending the anniversary quest on classic and only classic by one week. It will disappear next week.
-Due to the downtime last week, we are extending the 1.5 exp event
-Though I understand the reasoning of folks asking for the Jump event to be made a more permanent fixture, we are removing it this week. Once we have the new training grounds in place (projected for October) we will do a re-evaluation of the exp required to level.
-Lucky Box leaves, and groove pack arrives
-July 4th quest: The Brandos Go ...
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iRO: iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 25/06/2014

Two Notes bad, Four Notes Good

We are extending both the Kickstart Event and the lucky box until next maintenance to match the end of the Anniversary event, so you have  a little bit more time to get those levels!

The Geffen spotlight is ending, so monster spawns, experience and drops in Geffen field and dungeon maps will be returning to normal

Our Brasilis spotlight will be beginning this week

An NPC will be added that allows travel to Old Payon

Single token of Siegfried returns to the kafra shop


Low: Headless Mule/Marionette
Mid: Deathword/Hodremlin
High: Antler ...
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