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iRO: Mantenimiento 26/08/2015

Patch Notes
Turn Ins
Low: Heater/Bloody Butterfly
Mid: Anubis/Ancient Mummy
High: Dolomedes/Cecil Damon

-Event Shadow Gear Refiner
Were going to update her dialog to be more clear about what she does and change her name to be more obvious when shes active.
-Kafra NPCs
They will start giving warning that the 2nd storage for free accounts will be disappearing on 9/2/2015

RWC Boxes depart

Double exp and reduced death penalty departs

Autumn Costume Box- the latest fashions from Japan for only 400 points!

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iRO: Mantenimiento 12/08/2015


4th of July Quest Departs
Prontera Costume Pack Departs

Gramps TI quest:
Low: Pasana/High Orc
Mid: Raydric/Flame Skull
High: Little Fatum/Phylla


Episode 14.3 Arrives! We'll have a page up soon with details on the new instances.

Enter the new quest hub by taking the Interdimensional device in the Eclage Plaza once you have completed the New Questline that starts in Morroc. Talk to the Piled Rags in the partially rebuilt morroc (136, 239) to begin that quest

Bug Fixes
We're currently testing a fix we just received from the devs ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 05/08/2015

We will be testing WOE: TE on thor starting this week.

WoE: TE on Thor will be running Fridays from 6am-7am PDT (UTC-7) server time, which is 9-10pm Manila time. With the pRO website down I don't have the exact times that WoE was running at but the times for TE, WoE 1 and 2 on Thor can be changed around so please let us know what times work best for players in your region!

More to come!

Campitor Patch Notes

Turn Ins
low: Uzhas/Bathory
mid: Snowier/Ice Titan
High: Knocker/Gold Acidus
Thor Gets WoE TE at Friday 6AM PDT. According to time conversions that will be 9PM Manila time.
VIP Bonus Event Ends
14.3 ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 08/07/2015

June Crate+Lucky Box depart
Midyear Madness box departs
July Groove Pack arrives

MRS Hammer in for one more week

Groove pack Contents!

Always gives 1x Random Safe to +7 cert per week
Will give one of the following at random:
2x Battle Manual X3
Animated Chewing Gum
Leaf Cat Hat
Thoughtful Hat box
Isabella Red Ear
Cherry Twig in Mough
Evil Marcher Hat
Costume: Miracle Blue Rose

July 4th Quest is in for one more week
Anniversary quests are in for one more week
Anniversary event drops and exp boost in for one more week

Gramps TI:
Evil ...
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