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iRO: Mantenimiento 28/01/2015

Raffler NPC returns to Prontera. A global broadcast will go out with the Raffler announcing what the latest auction is.

Here is the complete list of items.

[quote]1 x KBC
1 x MCA
4 x Temporal Crystals
8 x Temporal Crystals
2 x Coagulating Spell
1 x Slotted Sunnies
10 x EMB
1 x OCA
Safe to 7 Cert
Bloody Branch[/quote]

Thanksgiving Quest: Turpecos have been chased off by the returning Pecopecos

Gramps Turn in quest:
  low Pasana / Rybio
  mid Ancient Mimic / Abyssmal Knight
  high Dolomedes / Antique Book
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iRO: Mantenimiento 21/01/2014

Our weekly maintenance has started, here's the changelogs for today:
Double Exp will continue for the forseeable future as part of our Classic recruiting event
Jumping Janeway enhancements:
-Daggers and Huumas added to Janeway
-Fast access to Janeway from the newbie starting area
-Janeway will now give potions to start you off so you don't have to run through the training grounds first
There are more suggestions I have to improve the quest, like putting in more information on who can use the Janeway gear, and the monsters.
Working on more TI quests to complement Abyss Lake, please suggest ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 14/01/2015


WoE Times: Proposed revised new times, waiting on comment from the community


Christmas Decor: Departing

Double Exp Event: Departing

Jumping Janeway event comes to an end. She will stay in for another week and you can turn in your existing quests but she will not be giving new quests.

Costume Santa Hat loses its effects

Shadow item event: Giant Thief Bug monsters will be dropping Shadow Equipment from now until February.

the stats on the monster ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 06/01/2015

Hello there folks and Happy New Year! In 2015 we have some goodies we should be receiving from HQ soon, as well as expanding the projects like the Bounty Boards that we began last year.

We're declaring a moratorium on "guild drama" posts on the official boards just because it's been increasingly distracting from discussions folks are trying to have here.

We're still adding stuff and checking up on some reports of bugs so we'll be expanding the list of things as we verify they will be going in this week.

-We are checking the reports of issues taking bounty board quests, if you are not able to pick up a quest please also let ...
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