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iRO: Mantenimiento 25/02/2015

Mantenimiento del Caloret

Extended rental item time event extended by a week
Granny Boxter will be taking items and giving brownie points for this month's Lucky Box
Raffler Event Leaves
One week more of New Year quests
One week left of VIP +50% bonuses
Event Shadow events

Byalan dungeon 06 no longer will require you to be VIP to venture into its depths
Hero's Trail Part II will be put on sakray this week for testing
Abyss Dungeon-investment status will reset directly after maintenance so you will only be able to enter after the investment period ends on Saturday.

Fixed an issue ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 18/02/2015


Spotlight on Geffen returns!

Selected Rental items opened within the next two weeks will last 3 days longer!

All In One Ring Box
Combat Knife Box
Counter Dagger Box
Light Epsilon Box
Sage's Diary Box
Asura Box
Apple of Archer Box
Bunny Band Box
Elven Ears Box
Steel Flower Box
Critical Ring Box
Earring Box
Ring Box
Necklace Box
Glove Box
Brooch Box
Rosary Box
Safety Ring Box
Executioner Box
Cutlas Box
Moonlight Dagger Box
Wrench Box
Solar Sword Box
Tomahawk Box
Rudra Bow Box
Poll Axe Box
Halter Lead 7 Day Box
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iRO: Mantenimiento 11/02/2015

The Free Stat and Skill Reset Mesmerist in the Eden Group will be departing this week

The malangdo festival monsters will be leaving next week. The NPCs to turn in the octopus parts will stay one week after that.

Gramps Turn In Quest
Low: Kapha/The Paper
Mid: Ground Deleter/Lava Golem
High: Parus/Frus

New Valentines' day quest-Visit Diva Lindt in the Kiel Hyre Academy (151, 28) to begin the quest!

Deleted characters still in guilds will be removed from the roster during this week's maintenance. This should free up some space for guild leaders to recruit new members!

Kafra Shop
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iRO: Mantenimiento 04/02/2015

Pretty quiet maintenance today.

War of Emperium
WoE TE time change WoE TE Time on Sunday moved back one hour to 9-10am PST (GMT-8)

We received some initial data for the next big update, including nearly 50 new monster cards. I'll post information on these soon.


Gramps Turn In Quest
Low: Siorava/Toucan
Mid: Green/Red Ferus
High: Imp/Skogul

Hugel Bingo fixed to allow level 150+ players to participate

Valentines day quest coming next week

Kafra Shop
January Groove Pack Departs
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