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iRO: Mantenimiento 10/09/2014


Eden group mission boards now gives an option to hunt all monsters instead of individually

Eden Group mission boards will display the "quest!" emoticon when you are the appropriate level

Boxter will now give out the September Groove Pack

Double exp is leaving this week, but we will have one more week of 1.5x exp

Update to the filter words in the nospam configuration file today, so if you have custom definitions set up, please make sure to copy that to another location.

Turn ins:

low; Evil Druid, Wraith Dead
Mid: Wanderer, Wakwak
High: Antler Scaraba, ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 27/08/2014


1.5x monster exp+drops for Labor Day weekend.

Alchemist and Blacksmith rankings reset

USRC registration page will be open today

Investigating issues with Niddhogur's instance

Comodo Spotlight begins

Summer cooler box leaves

Turn ins:

Low: Kapha/The Paper
Mid: Abysmal Knight /Ground deleter
High: Wickebine Tres/Laurell Weinder Mage
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 27/08/2014)

iRO: Mantenimiento 13/08/2014

Patch Notes

Turn Ins
Low: Mavka / Gargoyle
Mid: Bungisngis / Engkanto
High: Tatacho / Antique Book
Players under level 20 will have access to a save version of South Prontera. Dead Branches, Poring Boxes, Amulets, Hocus Pocus, Polymorph, and Bloody Dead Branches will be disabled on this safe version of the map.
A 3 second cool down on Dead Branchs will be applied. This is to give other users a chance to escape before they have 200 dead branched Yoyos dropped on top of them.
1.5 EXP Event Ends

Currently we are testing Heros Trail Part 1 / Shadow Item Update
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 13/08/2014)

iRO: Mantenimiento 06/08/2014

The notes:
Bounty board dialog cleaned up
El Dicastes and Umbala Bounty boards added to their respective towns
White Drooping Eddga hat will no longer be equippable in WoE TE
King Poring Event ends

Exp event continues for one more week.

Item descriptions fixed:

*Green Pettie Egg Aspd -1% -> Aspd +1%

*Updated names of Champion Pinguicula monsters to corrected spelling.

*Monster Transformation Scroll will now properly list their buffs

*Wand of Affection Will Properly Display its weapon Level

*Skull Ring [1] Will properly display it's undead resistance bonus

(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 06/08/2014)