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Ragnarok Online: Rune Nifelheim

En Rune Nifelheim encontrarás toda la información sobre Ragnarok Online que necesitas, y si no la encuentras, siempre puedes preguntar en nuestro foro. Se puede acceder a la página desde o asi que añade a favoritos la que más te guste y vuelve a visitarnos cuando tengas alguna duda sobre el juego!

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iRO: Mantenimiento 17/12/2014


New Hugel Bounty Board with monsters from Thanatos Tower/Abyss Lake

Lighthalzen spotlight is changing to new world

Santa will no longer be occupying the same spot in space/time as the Eden Warper in Comodo

Boxter will be accepting items from this month's Lucky Box

Discount box for leveling consumables will be on sale (Battle Manuals/Bubblegum/Token of Siegfried/Insurance)

Prepping Event Woes for last WoEs of the year

VIP NPC that will provide warps to the entry NPC for the Biolabs 4 instance for players who have already completed the entrance quest

Reduction of Xmas ...
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iRO: 2014 Christmas Events

On Classic and Renewal this year we have a special Holiday themed quest taking place in Lutie, the Christmas Village and other fun live events running this holiday season

The quest begins in Lutie, with the cheerful characters from the Christmas village are offering quests and reward items for bringing the snow flowers that the new Christmas themed monsters found around Rune Midgard drop.

Iam A. Hunter offers repeatable hunt quests in exchange for Snow ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 10/12/2014

Notes for this week's maintenance:

Currently the level cap increase increases the max level for the 3-1 and 3-2 Classes to 175/60
For Kagerou, Oboro, and Super Novices their cap become 160/50. We are currently requesting that kRO increase the level cap for these expanded classes to 175/60 to keep them current with the rest of the user base.

Additional unique skills unlock for third classes as well as a new skill [Full Throttle] ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 03/12/2014

Notes for this week:

We just received an update from kRO to go with the level cap increase. This update will modify the exp/job exp given by a large number of monsters-generally they increase the amount given by high level monsters. We're currently analyzing the changes to make sure that they make sense for our server, so they can be uploaded to Sakray for testing.  We have also been going through the feedback thread, so please make sure to post bugs that you've found.

Turn ins:

Low: Punk/Shinobi
Mid: Aliot/Alicel
High: ...
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