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iRO: Mantenimiento 16/04/2015

This week's maintenance is over! Here are the changelogs for the week:
Light maintenance on Classic this week. The Renewal update this week and Thor server planning is occupying the majority of the production team's time but as soon as those are complete I will make the push to get progress going on our Classic projects.
St. Patrick's Quest ends, green ales will be at full strength until the 29th.
The event for redeeming green ales is a +50% monster exp bonus and +50% VIP drops bonus for the next two weeks!
Zodiac Crown and Diadem pack goes on sale!
One more week of the Juno Spotlight Event. Next week the spotlight ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 16/04/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 08/04/2015


-Groove Pack Departs
-Lucky Box Arrives

-Immune Shield updated effects arrive

St. Patrick's Quest extended one more week

Jumping Janeway continues!


We should be getting the data for the Wave Mode Dungeon and Clock Tower Nightmare Dungeon within the week


Based on reports from the community and our own testing, we have submitted reports for the Rune Knight not being able to create the Lux Amima Rune.

We're also going to be adding additional failsafes to the Geffen Magic tournament to address the progression issues there as well as ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 08/04/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 01/04/2015

St. Patrick's Day Quest goes for one more week
Full Green Ale Effects last until April 29th
Groove Pack leaves in one week

Jumping Janeway event returns to Renewal!

Gramps Turn Ins:

Low: Solider / Permeter
Mid:Purple Venatu / Centipede Larva
High:Armeyer Dinze / Petal

Old Card Albums and Mystical Card Albums item list updated to drop new cards

Old Card Album Updated with:
Alphoccio Card
Ceila Card
Chen Card
Flamel Card
Gertie Card
Randel Card
Trentini Card
Soheon Card
Elvira Card
Lora Card
Rudo Card
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 01/04/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 25/03/2015

Gramps TI:
Low Pest / Neraid
Mid Sedora / Ancient Worm
High Blue Acidus / Angra Mantis

Bug Fixes
We have received an exe update last week that appears to have fixed the 1 hour cooldown bug in our testing. It should be ready to go into the game this week.

Make sure that the Biolabs 4 spawn rates are increased.

Attempted Fix for the Tournament Guide not spawning in the Geffen Tournament instance.*

Attempted Fix for the Crash upon failing the Geffen Tournament.*

*Please note that these are attempted fixes and the issue may still persist afterwards.

(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 25/03/2015)