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Ragnarok Online: Rune Nifelheim

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iRO: Mantenimiento 25/03/2015

Gramps TI:
Low Pest / Neraid
Mid Sedora / Ancient Worm
High Blue Acidus / Angra Mantis

Bug Fixes
We have received an exe update last week that appears to have fixed the 1 hour cooldown bug in our testing. It should be ready to go into the game this week.

Make sure that the Biolabs 4 spawn rates are increased.

Attempted Fix for the Tournament Guide not spawning in the Geffen Tournament instance.*

Attempted Fix for the Crash upon failing the Geffen Tournament.*

*Please note that these are attempted fixes and the issue may still persist afterwards.

(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 25/03/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 11/03/2015

[color=red]We're going to be running through the instances and doing testing on a number of things so we are estimating to be back online at around 3pm. Please make sure to close your entire RO client during the maintenance. [/color]

Return of a past Saint Patrick's Day Quest
February Lucky Box Leaves
March Groove Pack Arrives
Enriched Hammer event departs

Blacksmith and Brewing rankings reset. Next reset will be in September.

Hero's Trail II Implementation
Devil's Tower
Geffen Magic Tournament
Ghost Palace

48 New cards being added to monsters around Rune ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 11/03/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 05/03/2015

New Year's Event Ends
Effects on New Years headgear leaves
Octopus Festival Ends (we weren't able to remove them separately)
Valentines Day Event Leaves
VIP Bonus Exp Event leaves
Alchemist/Blacksmith Rankings reset

We've done stability testing on our Internal build of Hero's Trail 2, it should be ready to be put on Sakray THIS week.

Gramps TI
Low: Red and Yellow Novus
Mid: Succubus and Incubus
High: Kasa and Salamander

(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 05/03/2015)

iRO: Mantenimiento 25/02/2015

Mantenimiento del Caloret

Extended rental item time event extended by a week
Granny Boxter will be taking items and giving brownie points for this month's Lucky Box
Raffler Event Leaves
One week more of New Year quests
One week left of VIP +50% bonuses
Event Shadow events

Byalan dungeon 06 no longer will require you to be VIP to venture into its depths
Hero's Trail Part II will be put on sakray this week for testing
Abyss Dungeon-investment status will reset directly after maintenance so you will only be able to enter after the investment period ends on Saturday.

Fixed an issue ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 25/02/2015)