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Ragnarok Online: Rune Nifelheim

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iRO: Mantenimiento 29/10/2014

  Granny Boxter is being updated
  VIP exp and drops event extended to November 5
  Monster Exp and Drops event for everyone extended until the 5th
  All Bounty Boards will have the "hunt all" option available
  New Day of the Dead quest!
  Enriched Hammer and Eat gear appear for one week

[color=red]IMPORTANT! Both servers will need to be restarted early on Sunday morning for the Daylight Savings time change. At 1:45am PDT we need to take down the servers, and will bring them back online shortly 1am PST (just a few minutes later)[/color]

Turn Ins:
  low - Lude / ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 29/10/2014)

iRO: Mantenimiento 22/10/2014


VIP bonus to drops and exp continues for one more week

Shadow Item Box 3 added to Kafra Shop

2013 Halloween Headgear effects return and will last until December 3rd 2014
-Gloomy Pumpkin Hat, Lude Mask, Gozarian Mask, Witch's Pumpkin Hat

Lvl. 10 Mercenary scrolls and Mystical Amplification scrolls added to bulk buying shop list

Talk Like a Pirate Day ends, if you have leftover treasure maps, keep them for next year

Geffen Bounty Board NPCs will give the proper monster kill quests

Deviruchi and Marionette hunt quests moved to the 81-100 boards

We have been unable to adjust ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 22/10/2014)

iRO: Mantenimiento 10/10/2014

On to the notes:

Halloween Quest coming in this week, we're waiting on the headgear from kRO but for this week you will get a token that you will be able to redeem for the halloween headgear.

Begin the quest by speaking with Undead Danielle in the Prontera Graveyard to begin!
Aqui esta la guia de la quest:

The mercenary representative in Izlude will no longer be trying to swim in the ocean.

Cool event Corp will be able to open storage for VIP players in Hugel

Bounty boards for Glastheim/Geffen region
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 10/10/2014)

iRO: Mantenimiento 24/09/2014


MVP Monsters in Hall of Abyss guild dungeons will have their MVP drops and will display "MVP!" when killed.

-Groove Pack Leaves is in for one more week
-Purification stones added for all instances for resetting cooldowns after server interruptions
-Increasing spawns of low turn in monsters
-Comodo Spotlight ends, Glast Heim spotlight begins
-Enriched Hammer event ends extended one week
-1.5x exp event ends
-Dragon Breath gains a fixed after cast delay (cannot be reduced) of 0.2 seconds. This is to prevent the abuse of no delay until the development team provides a solution. Other skills will gain similar delay if ...
(Leer más: iRO: Mantenimiento 24/09/2014)