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iRO: Mantenimiento 08/07/2015

June Crate+Lucky Box depart
Midyear Madness box departs
July Groove Pack arrives

MRS Hammer in for one more week

Groove pack Contents!

Always gives 1x Random Safe to +7 cert per week
Will give one of the following at random:
2x Battle Manual X3
Animated Chewing Gum
Leaf Cat Hat
Thoughtful Hat box
Isabella Red Ear
Cherry Twig in Mough
Evil Marcher Hat
Costume: Miracle Blue Rose

July 4th Quest is in for one more week
Anniversary quests are in for one more week
Anniversary event drops and exp boost in for one more week

Gramps TI:
Evil ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 17/06/2015

New Gramps TI:
Low; Waste Stove/Teddy Bear
Mid: Ancient Mummy/Aliot
High: Cenere/Ancient Tree

[color=red]Double exp, increased VIP rewards continue[/color]

Granny Boxter list updated

MRS Hammer stays until the end of the month

Working on additional bugged character fixing maintenance for Thor, we'll likely be doing a restart later this week for Thor only

We're checking the clock tower monster exp vs the double exp for clocktower nightmare dungeon

The MVP that you have to K.O. to complete the quest for WoE TE will no longer be able to snatch players ...
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iRO: Mantenimiento 02/06/2015

Working on getting more added here
Double EXP and +50% drops for the month
Anniversary Quest event begins with the return of the Revenge of the Towels Mini-Quest! If you have wanted to wear stylish bathing suits, this is your opportunity to pick up a permanent Cool Towel accessory! Speak with Lauds in Prontera (182, 214)

New June lucky Box 300kp

Will give one of the following at random:
Filir Pinions
HE Bubble Gum
Explosive Chewing Gum(animated)
Mega Resist Potion
Demon Mask
Long Tongue
Captain's Hat
Battle Manual X3
Skull Cap[1]
Mischevious Fairy

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iRO: Mantenimiento 24/05/2015


Raffler event goes for one more week.

Gramps TI:

Low: Roween/Marionette

Mid: Naga/Cornus

High: Menblatt/Pom Spider
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