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iRO: iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 16/04/2014

On to the Notes!

Easter Quest arrives

Second week of 1.5x EXP arrives

New Easter Lucky Box arrives

Spotlight monsters will properly have their doubled exp

Turn Ins:

low: Headless Mule / Marionette
mid: Remover / Hodremlin
high: Cenere / Antique Book
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iRO: iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 09/04/2014


Choo Choo 1.5 exp for two weeks

O'Reily will stay another week and properly convert silver coins

Byalan Dungeon 6 will be open to everyone, not just VIPs

Adventurer's Guild repeatable exp quests get added to Alberta

MVP summoner will no longer have the option to summon Valkyrie Randgris
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iRO: iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 02/04/2014

On to the notes:

St. Patrick quest monsters will depart, O'Riley will stay for one more week for players to exchange their remaining snake drops.

O'Riley will now properly exchange silver for gold coins and take the other Black Treasure Box.

Butterfly Wings will be usable in the Eden Group

Rideword hat and immune shield are cycling out of the Kafra Shop for now.

March Groove pack departs

New NPC purchasable Falcon flute will allow a hunter class character to summon a falcon wherever they are.

Due to users abusing the decarding system to attempt to hide RMT purchased items we are ...
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iRO: iRO Chaos - Mantenimiento 26/03/2014

On to the Notes:

Players with Black Treasure boxes and shreds of Evidence will be able to turn them in to O'Riley for a random consumable reward for the tail end of the St. Patrick's Day Quest

These include:

4 Blue Potion
4 Panacea (Unripe ygg berry on Renewal)
4 Seed of Yggdrasil
5 Cooked Nine Tail's
4 Slim White Potion
1 Yggdrasilberry
2 Heavenly Fruit Juice
St Patrick's Hat (3% chance)

Enriched Event Ends, 50x boxes of enriched ores will be departing

One more week for the March Groove Pack

Turtle island will be properly added to the spotlight

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