Skill: Gravity Field

Gravitation Field - iRO Name: Gravitational Field Activo
Descripción Target
[Requirement] Quagmire Lv.1, Stave Crasher Lv.1, Mystical Amplification Lv.10.

Amplify the gravity in a 5*5 cell area around a targeted spot that will decrease Movement and Attack Speeds to enemies within range, as well as continually inflict Defense piercing damage. Although this skill can damage Boss monsters, it cannot affect their Movement and Attack Speeds. Gravitational Field inflicts a set amount of damage to WoE Emperiums that is determined by the skill's level. When used on Plants, this skill only inflicts 1 Damage, regardless of its level. When skill is active, the caster's movement and attacks are disabled. Each cast consumes 1 Blue Gemstone, and has a 5 second Cast Time followed by a 2 second Skill Delay.
Max. lvl: 5
5x5 Area
Level Damage/Second -Attack Speed Duration
1 400 5 5 seg
2 600 10 6 sg
3 800 15 7 seg
4 1000 20 8 seg
5 1200 25 9 seg