Skill: Call Homunculus

Call Homunculus

Required For: Homunuculus Resurrection
Max Level: 1
Type: Active
SP Cost: 10
Target: Self
Cast Time: Unknown
Cool Down: Unknown
Duration: Unknown
Effect: Summon or recall an already created Homunculus using an 'Embryo' item. When used for the first time the Embryo gives one of the 4 possible types at random, if you don't like the Homunculus, destroy it and make a new one.
You can see its state by right-clicking on it, then order it to either - attack, move, stay, feed, name change, and delete.

This shows variety of information about your Homunculus. This is where variety of command can be given to your Homunculus.

Select an enemy via Alt + Right click, then press Alt + Right click one more time to set the Homunculus to attack that target. To cancel, simply give it order to move or stay.

Click Alt + Right click on ground to let it move there. This command overrides all other commands. Homunculus cannot move too far away from you.

While doing other motion - [Move] or [Attack] - right click on the Homunculus to bring out the menu. Choose [Stay], then it will cancel all it was doing and stay by your side in idle state.

Select this, or click [Feed] in Homunculus status window, then you will feed the Homunculus with appropriate food.

Homunculus eats following food:
Lif: Pet Food
Amistr: Zargon
Filir: Garlet
Vanilmirth: Scell

Warning: Homunculus is an artificial life form. If you do not feed it periodically, it will simply disappear. So, take extra care in its feeding time!

Every Homunculus has different Skills, depending on its type:

- Lif (Dryad): -support caster
Healing Hands - heals the master
Urgent Escape
Brain Surgery
Mental Charge (unknown)

- Amistr (Sheep): -defensive melee
Amistr Bulwark
Adamantium Skin
Blood Lust (unknown)

- Filir (Bird): -offensive meele
Accelerated Flight
S.B.R.44 (unknown)

- Vanilmirth (Mutant Jelly): -offensive spellcaster
Chaotic Blessings
Instruction Change
Self-Destruction (unknown)

Leveling For Homunculus
- Exp acquire by Homunculus depends on the damage it deals to the monster.
- No matter how many monsters the player kill, the Homunculus will not gain any exp.
- Let the Homunculus attack in order to level up Homunculus [no special effect when Homunculus Level Up].
- Whether the exp obtained by the Homunculus will be shared by the player or not is still not confirmed.
- Max level of Homunculus is LV 99
- There is an equipment section in the status window of the Homunculus, therefore there might be special equipment for the Homunculus in the future.
- Currently the only way to recover the Homunculus's HP is to let it rest. Aid Potion, Heal, etc, all of them have no effect.