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Witch's Pumpkin Hat RO

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A tattered witch hat adorned with a baby pumpkin.
Str +2, Int +2, Mdef +10.
Increase Damage against Undead and Demon monsters by 15%.
Bonus effects when worn with Mr. Smile, Hahoe Mask, Alarm Mask, Opera Mask or Gozarian Mask.
Mr. Smile: Adds a chance of gaining Pumpkin Pies when killing monsters.
Hahoe Mask: Increased Aspd and adds a chance of adding 50 Atk while attacking.
Alarm Mask: Increases the healing power of Pumpkin and Well-Baked Cookies and has a chance of receiving those items while attacking.
Opera Mask: Increases Flee by 10 and adds a chance of stunning your enemy while attacking.
Gozarian Mask: Atk and Matk +30 and adds a chance of gaining Pumpkin Pie, Well-Baked Cookie, Candy or Candy Canes while attacking.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 10
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Level : 20
Job : All

Upper Headgear
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