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Dungeon Teleport Scroll 5 Box: RO item (Cash item)

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A box containing a
special scroll that
can transport you
once to Nogg Road,
Mjolnir Dead Pit,
Robot Factory Lv2,
Einbroch Mine Dungeon,
Payon Dungeon, Toy
Dungeon, Glast Heim
Underprison, Louyang
Dungeon, Hermit's
Checkers, Izlude
Dungeon, Turtle
Island Dungeon,
Clock Tower B3F,
Clock Tower 3F,
Glast Heim Culvert 2F,
Sphinx Dungeon 4F,
Inside Pyramid 4F,
Prontera Culvert 3F,
Amatsu Dungeon 1F
(Tatami Maze),
Somatology Laboratory
1st Floor, or Ayothaya
Ancient Shrine 2F.
Warning - After using it, unless you choose the destination in 1 minute,
it will be useless.
Weight : 1

Cash item
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

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