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Skill: Sacrifice


Max Level: 5
Type: Support
SP Cost: 25
Target: Selected Party Member(s) maximum is one per SkillLV
Range: 6 + SkillLV
Cast Time: 3 sec
Cool Down: 3
Duration: 15 + 15*SkillLV sec
Effect: Protect party members by taking the full damage that they are receiving. They must be in range to benefit from this, once they leave the skill is canceled and needs to be recasted.
Damage taken is based on the DEF of the person who gets hit, not the Crusader that takes the hit.
If the caster has any self casted, class native enhancements on him, e.g. Endure (Endure transfer is disabled in WoE), Providence or Reflect Shield, the party member(s) will share these benefits, too.
This skill cannot be used on other Crusaders. The level difference between the caster and the target must be equal or less than 10 (within normal EXP share range).
The number of possible protected party members is 1*SkillLV. Should the HP of Crusader drop below 25%, Devotion will be canceled.

[LV 1] 30 sec, 1 Player
[LV 2] 45 sec, 2 Players
[LV 3] 60 sec, 3 Players
[LV 4] 75 sec, 4 Players
[LV 5] 90 sec, 5 Players