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Skill: Land Mine

Land Mine

Max Level: 5
Type: Active, Trap
SP Cost: 10
Target: 1 cell, at least 1 cell away from any monster or player and 3 cells away from another trap
Range: 3 cells
ATK Type: Earth
Cast Time: None
Cool Down: ASPD
Duration: 240 - 40*SkillLV sec
Catalyst: 1 Trap
Effect: A Land Mine is a visible trap that explodes when stepped on, hitting the monster or player (in PvP only) that triggered it for [(DEX+75)*(1+INT/100)*SkillLV] damage.
This skill ignores DEF and MDEF and damage modification cards for size and family, but not elemental property. There is also a (5*SkillLV+30)% chance to stun targets for 5 seconds. This trap will affect Players in PVP zones, including the user.
If not tripped by the end of the duration, the Land Mine will turn back into a Trap item on the floor and can be reclaimed.

[LV 1] ATK 50%, Setting Time 200secs
[LV 2] ATK 75%, Setting Time 160secs
[LV 3] ATK 100%, Setting Time 120secs
[LV 4] ATK 125%, Setting Time 80secs
[LV 5] ATK 150%, Setting Time 40secs