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Skill: Sandman


Max Level: 5
Type: Active, Trap
SP Cost: 12
Target: 1 cell, at least 1 cell away from any monster or player and 3 cells away from another trap
Range: 3 cells
Cast Time: 0.4 sec
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: 180 - 30*SkillLV sec
Catalyst: 1 Trap
Effect: A Sandman is a trap that activates when stepped on. All targets in a 3x3 area around the trap will have an (40+10*SkillLV)% chance of being affected by "Sleep" (duration depends on SkillLV).
A Sandman is invisible, but any player who can see the Hunter laying the trap will be able to see the trap until they move out of sight of it. Use of any invisibility revealing skill will reveal the trap. This trap will affect Players in PVP zones, including the user.
If not tripped by the end of the duration, the Sandman will turn back into a Trap item on the floor and can be reclaimed.

[LV 1] Setting Time 150sec 50% Sleep Chance
[LV 2] Setting Time 120sec 60% Sleep Chance
[LV 3] Setting Time 90sec 70% Sleep Chance
[LV 4] Setting Time 60sec 80% Sleep Chance
[LV 5] Setting Time 30sec 90% Sleep Chance