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Hurricane Fury [1] (Hurricane's Fury) RO

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Item 1377

(Hurricane's Fury)

A massive Two-Handed
Axe that is embedded
with an orb imbued
with the power of
a hurricane. Reduces
damage from Mid size
monsters by 10%;
raising this weapon's
Upgrade Level will
increase the amount
by which this damage
is reduced and add
an Attack Speed bonus.
Each attack has a
chance of inflicting
a fixed amount of
damage to all enemies
within a 15*15 cell
area, and knock them
7 cells backward.
Class : Axe
ATK: 332
Weight : 350
Weapon LV: 4
Required Level : 80
Jobs: Transcendent
Swordman and
Merchant Classes

Hacha 2 manos
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

Dropeado por / Conseguido de

Gloom Under Night (1.00%), Boitata (1.00%), Gloom Under Night (1.00%)

Clases que pueden usarlo

  • High Swordman
  • High Merchant
  • Lord Knight
  • Mastersmith
  • Paladin
  • Biochemist