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Pecopeco Hairband Box (Peco Peco Hairband Box): RO item (Cash item)

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Item 13722

(Peco Peco Hairband Box)

A box containing 1 Pecopeco Hairband
A hairband with
PecoPeco wings that
lends you a PecoPeco's
speed. Increases
Movement Speed,
Decreases ASPD by 10%,
(After attack delay decreases by 5%)
and increases
Variable Cast Time by 25%.
Cannot be Dropped,
or Traded,
Can be placed in Kafra Storage
Class : Headgear
Defense: 6
Location : Upper
Weight : 10
Required Level: 70
Jobs : All
Weight : 1

Cash item
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

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