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Pet Egg Scroll Box 8 RO

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A crate that contains 5 Summer Lucky Packs
Inside are some old favorites as well as some fresh outta the factory items like Headgears created by our very own Adventurers.
S Class: 1 Black Frame Glasses [1]
A Class: 2000 Prize Medal
A Class: 1 Super Summer Hat Pack
A Class: 5 Battle Manual X3
B Class: 1 Mercury Riser
B Class: 1 Ancient Horn
B Class: 1 Sprout Hat
C Class: Virgo Crown
C Class: Virgo Diadem
C Class: 250 Valor Badges
D Class: 1 Slotting Advertisement
D Class: 2 Bloody Branch
D Class: 1 Party Buff Scroll Pack
D Class: 10 Spearman Scroll 10
D Class: 5 Girl's Naivety
Weight : 1

Cash item
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

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