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Pet Egg Scroll Box 7 RO

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A Crate that contains 5 Halloween Spooky Packs
This pack is filled with all sorts of halloween treats.
Account Bound
Opening it will randomly give you one of the following item sets.
- 2000x Prize Medal
- 1x Black Devil's Mask
- 1x Spare Card
- 1x Long Tongue lower headgear
- 1x Grim Reaper Hat
- 1x White Musang Hat
- 1x Black Musang Hat
- 3x Battle Manual X3
- 1x +20 Basic Food Pack
- 1x Scorpio Diadem
- 1x Scorpio Crown
- 1x Party Buff Scroll Pack
- 1x Slotting Advertisement
- 10x Baphomet Jr Mercenary Scroll
- 1x Safe to All Pack
- 1x Mystical Amplification 50 Box
Weight : 1
Crate Weight : 1

Cash item
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

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