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Pet Egg Box 5 RO

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Contains 5 Easter Lucky Packs^00000
This box can be traded, vended, and stored.
Easters Lucky Pack, opening this up and get your prize! This item cannot be traded, but can be saved and opened at your leisure!

S Class: Sunglasses [1]
A Class: Party Hard Pack
A Class: Mystical Card Album
A Class: 1000 Marvelous Medals
B Class: Rune Hairband
B Class: 5 Battle Manual X3
B Class: 400 KVM Medals
B Class: Mischievous Fairy Ears
C Class: Taurus Crown
C Class: Taurus Diadem
C Class: 30 HD Elunium
C Class: 30 HD Oridecon
C Class: Magnolia Hat
D Class: Spirit Auger
D Class: Slot Coupon
D Class: MVP Hunt Box
D Class: Party Buff Scroll Pack
Weight : 1

Cash item
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

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