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Lucky Egg RO

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The RWC Groove Pack contains many items of pure win. It is advised to use with caution.
RWC Groove pack is not meant to be consumed internally.
Using RWC Groove Pack will certainly give you:
- 1x Bloody Dead Branch
And randomly give you one of the following item sets.
- 1x Old Card Album
- 1x Abyss Helm
- 1x Ifrit Mask
- 1x Bloody Dead Branch
- 1x Spirit Auger
- 4x Old Coffin
- 1x Battle Manual X3
- 1x Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate
- 1x Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate
- 1x Safe to 7 Weapon Certificate
RWC Groove pack cannot be traded, but may be stored.
Weight : 1

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Clases que pueden usarlo

  • Todos los Third Job