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Dungeon Teleport Scroll 3: RO item (Usable)

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La descripción de este item no existe en iRO, se muestra la de kRO.

A scroll with lots of dungeon & field coordination written on it. You can go to the place you want by tearing the paper into pieces.
When used allows you to teleport to a specific dungeon or field from the following list:
"Ice Cave 01","Thor's Volcano Dungeon 01","Abyss Lakes Underground Cave 01","Thanatos Tower","Lighthalzen","Juperos 02","Geffenia","Kiel Hyre's Academy","Hidden Temple 03",
"Nifflheim","Sunken Ship 01","Veins Field","Valkyrie Realm","Britoniah Guild","Greenwood Lake Guild",
"Luina, the satellite of Aldebaran","Schwarzwald Realm","Schwaltzvalt Guild Castle".
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  • Todos los Third Job