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Death Guidance [2] RO

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It is a cursed weapon exists only for the destruction of all living being. The curse of this sword event affects the owner that it leads the person to misery.
Str +5, Agi +2
Perfect Dodge +20
Has a chance of inflicting Hell Power on the user or target while physically attacking.
Has a chance of giving 100% damage to all monsters within the area of 11x11 cells around itself and recovers 100% of HP.
If Refine level is over 8, it exerts the power to monsters within 15x15 cells and gives 200% damage while it recovers HP.
Class : Two Handed Sword
Attack : 200
Weight : 200
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : 70
Jobs : Transcendent Swordman Class

Espada 2 manos
Compra / venta:
20 z / -

Dropeado por / Conseguido de

Queen Scaraba (2.00%), Tendrillion (1.00%)

Clases que pueden usarlo

  • High Swordman
  • Lord Knight
  • Paladin